International Properties

International Properties

WE GIVE you peace of mind for large scale projects

International Properties

Our team is trained to handle international property marketing, sales, advisory and consultancy services for foreign developers, giving you peace of mind for large scale projects across all real estate sectors.

Our international coverage, in-depth analysis and knowledge of the various cities gives us the title of experts in strategic project management and investment advice.

Our project management, sales and marketing capabilities include:

  • Planning

  • Coordination

  • Marketing Campaign for pre-launch and official launch of sales

  • Manpower – Trained real estate agents for official launch

  • After-sales services to continue marketing efforts after launch

We also take on an advisory/consulting role for the following :

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Saleability of Property
    (in relation to local tastes/appetite)

  • Design

  • Launch Times

  • Recommendation of professional consultancy services

  • Research

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